About Us

DULOREN, the leader in the Brazilian intimate apparel industry was founded 40 years ago. Today, its 100% national per-capita generates over 2,000 direct employees producing nearly 1,500.000 pieces a month.

Its textile unit produces all the components necessary to create its lingerie line. Its machinery and equipment features the latest in technological advancements allowing it to produce over 170 tons of fabric a month, along with lace, elastics, and much more.

In order to administer to the sales of its products, DULOREN has seven virtual offices that tend to its internal market along with its import and export division for its external market. DULOREN products are found in over 16 thousand points of sale in all of Brazil.

DULOREN prides itself in operating one of the most advanced marketing strategies in the lingerie market being recognized as the leader in the intimate apparel industry, simultaneously with Europe. Always looking to tend to its diversified market along with its consumer suggestions, today, DULOREN produces and commercializes the following lines: DULOREN (Basic and Fashion Lingerie) and Femmina (Natural Lingerie).